Sunday, May 22, 2011

What is the Tarot?

"A pictured pack of Cards is a wordless Book of Adventure. Of the kind, called Romances! It is far superior to any other books, of a similar kind. For it can be made and read at the same time. It offers a new story every time it's pages are shuffled....
Anatole France, the Queen Pedauque
This rich source of artistic imagery, gives me varied pictures, symbols, numbers & colors to ponder and playfully peer into & decipher the answers to your questions. I use the Tarot as a divine canvas, as each card turns over, the canvas is filled with life-like images showing me what you need to know. And why, and where, and when and with cool!!! I just love reading the cards for you!

The cards will not, nor will I, tell you what you should do in the situations you find yourself wrestling with. Instead, they playfully present the varied outcomes of each of your possible choices. And remind you that You, through the power of your choice, can direct, or redirect the outcome of your path through whatever challenges life may be putting in your path, today. Choices, choices...but hey...that's better than stuck in the corner...

So, get ready for delightful snippets of brand new little facts! Answers to any question you ask, vivid details & approximate timing. Some things are exact, and others, not determined. Wait, the answer will come. Sometimes the answer is, Wait.
The Tarot Cards lead us on a journey of Life's Lessons, revealing situations and details, challenges and victories just up ahead. They describe people and events we are yet to encounter, and subtle influences, or brick walls, you have working for you, or against you.

A pack of Artsy Archetypes, morphing into your story. So, lets see what your story really is, then redesign it to take you right to the front door of the life you have dreamed of....!

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