Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello, I am Linda!

And I want to rock your gypsy soul, just like way back
in the days of old, and magnificently we will flow
into the mystic...

van morrison

Maiden of Mystery

I am Linda.
A very Romantic girly-girl. A Dreamer, always Reading, Questioning, Seeking to Understand Life. Why things happen the way they do. I daily Meditate/Whisper/Listen to the Designer of the Universe. Let The silence cover me. That is where Intuition Dwells. This is where all the answers to every question, lives. And I love helping you find those answers!

I am an Artist of sorts, Designer of Snazzy Clothes, and Edgy Quilts, with stacks and stacks of fabric. And a Writer, with more books than you can imagine. Have a entertaining long-going blog  if you need late night entertainment. 'Maiden of Mystery'...  Adore my home, family, friends. Curling up in the cozy corner of my living room, with music from Sarah Brightman, fresh ground coffee, soft candlelight surrounding me, and my favorite journal holding my secret thoughts. Ah....I am happy.

I became fascinated with the Tarot Cards 25 years ago. I have always been drawn to the more 'Spiritual' side of Life. Still am. The Tarot is just one of the many ways to get messages from your Soul. It is my favorite! I love the colors, the artwork, all the Talented Ones designing the new Tarot Decks, Thank You! It is the Language of Symbols, that shows up daily around each one of us, also in our dreams...and validates what we need to know. Our own inner GPS System!

I love working with the Tarot. It reveals choices. Your choices. Maybe you just need a friend to remind you of those choices, and give you the push to leap. Hey, I need it too. I believe it reveals every answer to every question, sometimes it just appears, other times it may take several minutes to float up and give me the clear picture of what your answer is. And about timing....when you ask the question, it will reveal what the timing is in that moment. Outside influences can play havoc with that, but most of the time, it will also reveal what the havoc is, and why the timing may be off. Or it may give you the exact day and time of day. If you are supposed to know...and some things we are not supposed to know. Yet. !

I want this to be fun, informative, entertaining, accurate, something you look forward to! I desire to give you an unforgettable Tarot Reading, the best and most detailed you have ever experienced! And, really I appreciate every one of you that call me, and takes just a few more seconds to leave me feedback. Thank you!

Keen is my home, I am very grateful for being here. I have made tons of friends, learned we pretty much, all want the same things....falling in love, staying in love, the truth, money & knowing the money is still coming in, radiant health, to laugh, and know we're not alone. Never alone. And we really are not....

I have prayed for Wisdom, sought knowledge, and have stacks of wonderful books surrounding me. Yet, in one small deck of delightful Tarot Cards, I have found answers, so many answers. I believe God/Divine Spirit/Life is in me, around me, speaks through me, to pass the answers on to you, or just listen to you. And pass no judgement on you, only love you. And I do.

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