Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Alpha and The Omega, via the Tarot!

Ever been curious about 'Past Lives?'  Wondered it you had a Past life....or will ever come back here again, to this planet, and get another chance to get it right? I say yes. No matter what your belief, or Faith, how can there be a 'Just' experience.....and in the end, all things are equal. How can it be fair and just for one person to live a few hours, and another to live over 100 years? It's not. Or for a person to be born in poverty, while another is born into riches, again, it's not. I believe all our souls were here, at the time of Creation.  We rejoiced, to have a place to experience Life, and every facet of Life. And everything you hate, or you judge in misunderstanding....you will come back and live it. Get the chance to walk in all the shoes in the big closet of Life. And learn. Learn compassion, open your mind to what God, the Universe, might be. How big, and wise, and unable to honestly  comprehend.

At one time on Keen, I had a listing for doing Past Life Readings. I still do them, but it takes time, like an hour long reading, to just scratch the surface. Here is the Listing I posted....and if anyone is interested in this, fantastic! No wonder they pass out Prozac like candy, if everyone really thinks this is a one shot deal, and most of us have failed in one way or the other. Even believing in Salvation, Forgiveness, can be comforting....but still frustrating. Can I try again? Will I ever see the people I have unfinished business with, at another time, and get to finish that Soul Contract? I believe so.

Looking at the 2 Tarot Cards I show, we have the Fool, number 0, picking out an experience to go for, right above planet Earth, with his trusty companion, a dog......or spelled backward, God. God in all the forms God shows his/her self to us. In us and all around us. And that 'sands of time' counter...we have a limited time here. A beginning and an end. And the end would be the World Card. Number 22, in numerology is a Master number, a Life Lesson number. Or reduce it to 2+2=4, the Emperor Card, Structure, Building something, Taking responsibility. Or a #4 can be #13, the Death card. Death is a door to another place, and he is back at the starting place, again!  Look, he has taken off his hat and goggles.....he is standing on the timer, victorious, and all the sand is in bottom, it ran out. All the Astrology symbols show up dancing around him, he has experienced them all. At one time or another. Arms open, ready to go back, flip the timer over and grab another life. And he is right there outside the planet, gazing at all the zillion choices he has to choose from. Life is Energy, it never dies. It might change form, but it is still alive.  Here was the listing, interesting reading....!

Deja vu, Time Travelers Boarding Now!
Who, What, and Why, the questions we all want answered. About our Soul Mates, Psychic Vampires, Family Chaos, Career Confusion.Wherever we are in this life's voyage, we are at any moment, the sum total of our past. We can scarcely comprehend its immense magnitude and significance. I believe, we, ourselves, hold all the answers to why we repeat relationships, careers, where we geographically live, our faith, every minute detail or who we are today...is influenced by our past life experiences.
The Answers I find will give you both dignity and self worth as you find you are a permanent citizen of the cosmos, not a flickering candle in the wind of fate.

Karma: The force generated by a person's actions. You will understand what your soul's assignment is, with each person or situation you ask me about. And how to Heal and Transcend or Transform it. I promise!
My Past Life Reading will tell you: who you or they were, the culture, the gender, Karma Connections, your Spiritual lessons, your accomplishments, your life's lessons. And 'The Gift!'

Don't be afraid to ask. Have you ever wondered why some people you instantly know, and love or hate? Without a single experience to base that feeling on?  Like a parent, a boss, a lover, a child, a teacher, anyone you have ever wondered about. Be Fearless...Ask me Anything!

We can go into your most recent Past life or your most Significant. Give me the first name for anyone, and I will tell you who and why your lives intertwined. And 'the Gift.' Who were you in this performance called Life? Each existence is like a theatre, sometimes you're the Star, and sometimes you just pull the curtain, maybe sweep up the popcorn.

We can jump into time travel, zipping back and forward into the vast experience called Life!
Fasten your seat belts, and hold on! Your Reading will be fun, insightful, I promise, something you will never forget!