Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year and good riddance to the Old one.
I chose this card, and yes, I know it's not a very 'happy' card to draw. How is how I feel today. There has been, and still is a battle. 2 other people are hunched over, together, trying to come up with a plan.....the others have went awry, and they have looked rather stupid so far. I have the 5 sharp, daggery, swords. And yes, I will use them. And yes, I am happy, even if this has and is ugly. I love Paul Fenton-Smith's way to read the cards....look at the card behind this one,  it would be the 4 of swords....relax, you need to save your energy and get your strength back. Then look ahead to the 6 of Swords. Movement....and help, and things are happening, the boat is going somewhere good, and new and this has and is a rough ride sometimes, but I am not alone and not struggling. Another 'relax' card. In this card, the 5 of Swords.....a Sad Victory.....and it is. Yet I hang on to the Victory side of this. Yes, I have scars and a couple of challenges to gear up for...but I am strong and ready to go. I love the gold in the dark blue sky. The colors can be sad, but in this artist depiction, they are beautiful. It is worth the fight. Some things are. Choose your battles. My mantra this month. ! This card tells me I have already won the battle.

This is one of my new favorite Tarot Decks! It is the Tarot Illuminati Deck by Kim Huggens and Erik C. Dunne. BEAUTIFUL. Honestly. I love all the vivid colors, images, it really stands out as great deck to do readings with.