Friday, October 28, 2011

Money. Survival. Loss. Security. Wealth.

How using the Tarot can give you insight, advice,
Warning, Heads Up to Opportunity, Hope.
Know This: Ordinary People can Survive Impending Financial Disaster. Really.
6th. Cosmic Law. The Principle of Rhythm or Vibration
Everything flows in and flows out again. Everything has its tides. Everything rises and falls. Everything is vibration.
Everything is cyclical. All phases are temporary. This too shall pass.
So, 'The moment your life falls apart, is also the moment your new one begins again. It is the moment when illusion and deception fall away and naked truth emerges. Crisis can be extraordinarily painful, or it may be the source of Power, Hope and Vision, and the start of the life you really want.' Laura Day
I would love to work with you to help you create the life you have dreamed of! Using the Tarot, I can give you the answers to your questions regarding money, investments, career, layoffs, job opportunities, your financial future. Where you will be in one month, 6 months, 1 year. 3 Years. Marriage, children, property, & goals accomplished. The Tarot will clearly answer any question you have. Let's find out what your future holds.
Do you feel like Life has you stuck in a box, or facing a wall, and see no way out? Try this. Pretend you are in the box. See the box, or the wall, make it really real. What does the box look like? How thick is the wall? Now, build doors, or cut out windows in your box. big as you like. Until you feel free and comfy. Or, give yourself whatever tool you need to tear down the wall. Have fun with it. Knock it down. See your goal, just out of reach....then start walking toward it. See it come closer to you. See yourself holding it, being it. Feel it. Feel joy, laugh, say Thank You. Know you have it. Do this every time you can. Until you know there is no wall, or box, or anything holding you back from your dreams. Just flimsy walls of fear, or exhaustion, or negative voices of the naysayers. And you just knocked them down and shut them up.
This would be the 'Wheel of Fortune' Card. What goes up, must come down. Learn to work with the cycle of life, not fight against it. Embrace the changes, relax into the unknown. Your prayers are heard, and answered. You will be given words of wisdom, from me, to show you which path to take. Call me, ask whatever you need to know. This Tarot Reading will give you the encouragement to look forward to tomorrow. Every tomorrow. Hope. Expectancy, Surprising Joy!
I am here for you…… of Mystery  #800-275-5336, ext.0347
The cards posted today are from the beautiful Shadowscapes Tarot, done by Stephanie Pui-Mun and Barbara Moore.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Alpha and The Omega, via the Tarot!

Ever been curious about 'Past Lives?'  Wondered it you had a Past life....or will ever come back here again, to this planet, and get another chance to get it right? I say yes. No matter what your belief, or Faith, how can there be a 'Just' experience.....and in the end, all things are equal. How can it be fair and just for one person to live a few hours, and another to live over 100 years? It's not. Or for a person to be born in poverty, while another is born into riches, again, it's not. I believe all our souls were here, at the time of Creation.  We rejoiced, to have a place to experience Life, and every facet of Life. And everything you hate, or you judge in will come back and live it. Get the chance to walk in all the shoes in the big closet of Life. And learn. Learn compassion, open your mind to what God, the Universe, might be. How big, and wise, and unable to honestly  comprehend.

At one time on Keen, I had a listing for doing Past Life Readings. I still do them, but it takes time, like an hour long reading, to just scratch the surface. Here is the Listing I posted....and if anyone is interested in this, fantastic! No wonder they pass out Prozac like candy, if everyone really thinks this is a one shot deal, and most of us have failed in one way or the other. Even believing in Salvation, Forgiveness, can be comforting....but still frustrating. Can I try again? Will I ever see the people I have unfinished business with, at another time, and get to finish that Soul Contract? I believe so.

Looking at the 2 Tarot Cards I show, we have the Fool, number 0, picking out an experience to go for, right above planet Earth, with his trusty companion, a dog......or spelled backward, God. God in all the forms God shows his/her self to us. In us and all around us. And that 'sands of time' counter...we have a limited time here. A beginning and an end. And the end would be the World Card. Number 22, in numerology is a Master number, a Life Lesson number. Or reduce it to 2+2=4, the Emperor Card, Structure, Building something, Taking responsibility. Or a #4 can be #13, the Death card. Death is a door to another place, and he is back at the starting place, again!  Look, he has taken off his hat and goggles.....he is standing on the timer, victorious, and all the sand is in bottom, it ran out. All the Astrology symbols show up dancing around him, he has experienced them all. At one time or another. Arms open, ready to go back, flip the timer over and grab another life. And he is right there outside the planet, gazing at all the zillion choices he has to choose from. Life is Energy, it never dies. It might change form, but it is still alive.  Here was the listing, interesting reading....!

Deja vu, Time Travelers Boarding Now!
Who, What, and Why, the questions we all want answered. About our Soul Mates, Psychic Vampires, Family Chaos, Career Confusion.Wherever we are in this life's voyage, we are at any moment, the sum total of our past. We can scarcely comprehend its immense magnitude and significance. I believe, we, ourselves, hold all the answers to why we repeat relationships, careers, where we geographically live, our faith, every minute detail or who we are influenced by our past life experiences.
The Answers I find will give you both dignity and self worth as you find you are a permanent citizen of the cosmos, not a flickering candle in the wind of fate.

Karma: The force generated by a person's actions. You will understand what your soul's assignment is, with each person or situation you ask me about. And how to Heal and Transcend or Transform it. I promise!
My Past Life Reading will tell you: who you or they were, the culture, the gender, Karma Connections, your Spiritual lessons, your accomplishments, your life's lessons. And 'The Gift!'

Don't be afraid to ask. Have you ever wondered why some people you instantly know, and love or hate? Without a single experience to base that feeling on?  Like a parent, a boss, a lover, a child, a teacher, anyone you have ever wondered about. Be Fearless...Ask me Anything!

We can go into your most recent Past life or your most Significant. Give me the first name for anyone, and I will tell you who and why your lives intertwined. And 'the Gift.' Who were you in this performance called Life? Each existence is like a theatre, sometimes you're the Star, and sometimes you just pull the curtain, maybe sweep up the popcorn.

We can jump into time travel, zipping back and forward into the vast experience called Life!
Fasten your seat belts, and hold on! Your Reading will be fun, insightful, I promise, something you will never forget! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello, I am Linda!

And I want to rock your gypsy soul, just like way back
in the days of old, and magnificently we will flow
into the mystic...

van morrison

Maiden of Mystery

I am Linda.
A very Romantic girly-girl. A Dreamer, always Reading, Questioning, Seeking to Understand Life. Why things happen the way they do. I daily Meditate/Whisper/Listen to the Designer of the Universe. Let The silence cover me. That is where Intuition Dwells. This is where all the answers to every question, lives. And I love helping you find those answers!

I am an Artist of sorts, Designer of Snazzy Clothes, and Edgy Quilts, with stacks and stacks of fabric. And a Writer, with more books than you can imagine. Have a entertaining long-going blog  if you need late night entertainment. 'Maiden of Mystery'...  Adore my home, family, friends. Curling up in the cozy corner of my living room, with music from Sarah Brightman, fresh ground coffee, soft candlelight surrounding me, and my favorite journal holding my secret thoughts. Ah....I am happy.

I became fascinated with the Tarot Cards 25 years ago. I have always been drawn to the more 'Spiritual' side of Life. Still am. The Tarot is just one of the many ways to get messages from your Soul. It is my favorite! I love the colors, the artwork, all the Talented Ones designing the new Tarot Decks, Thank You! It is the Language of Symbols, that shows up daily around each one of us, also in our dreams...and validates what we need to know. Our own inner GPS System!

I love working with the Tarot. It reveals choices. Your choices. Maybe you just need a friend to remind you of those choices, and give you the push to leap. Hey, I need it too. I believe it reveals every answer to every question, sometimes it just appears, other times it may take several minutes to float up and give me the clear picture of what your answer is. And about timing....when you ask the question, it will reveal what the timing is in that moment. Outside influences can play havoc with that, but most of the time, it will also reveal what the havoc is, and why the timing may be off. Or it may give you the exact day and time of day. If you are supposed to know...and some things we are not supposed to know. Yet. !

I want this to be fun, informative, entertaining, accurate, something you look forward to! I desire to give you an unforgettable Tarot Reading, the best and most detailed you have ever experienced! And, really I appreciate every one of you that call me, and takes just a few more seconds to leave me feedback. Thank you!

Keen is my home, I am very grateful for being here. I have made tons of friends, learned we pretty much, all want the same things....falling in love, staying in love, the truth, money & knowing the money is still coming in, radiant health, to laugh, and know we're not alone. Never alone. And we really are not....

I have prayed for Wisdom, sought knowledge, and have stacks of wonderful books surrounding me. Yet, in one small deck of delightful Tarot Cards, I have found answers, so many answers. I believe God/Divine Spirit/Life is in me, around me, speaks through me, to pass the answers on to you, or just listen to you. And pass no judgement on you, only love you. And I do.

Love in Holy Words

Song of Solomon 3
1-4 Restless in bed and sleepless through the night, I longed for my lover. I wanted him desperately. His absence was painful. So I got up, went out and roved the city, hunting through streets and down alleys. I wanted my lover in the worst way!
"Have you seen my dear lost love?" I asked. No sooner had I left, I found him, found my dear lost love. I threw my arms around him and held him tight, wouldn't let him go until I had him home again, safe at home beside the fire.

We all desire love. It began in a Garden, announced that it was not good for 'man' to be alone. A woman designed just for him, was presented to him. She was not created to be alone. Ever. We were part of each other, from the very beginning of Time. Intended to be together. Nothing else, will ever fill the void in our hearts, except our Beloved. And we all have questions....many questions.
With the facts that you already know, as a background to the answers I find within the Tarot, you can have a deeper understanding of what the truth is, reguarding Love and your Lover. So, ask.
Find out what is, their heart's desire. What is their deepest need, they cannot voice to you? What would 'it' be that they might be getting from someone else, or have gotten from someone else in the past, that has you at a disadvantage? If you knew the secrets they have locked deep inside, which Key would unlock their heart to you? We can find that precious Key!
Passion. Another name for Life. Without Love, we have no life. It is our destiny, our purpose. Do not be ashamed to seek it, we are meant to have it. I Prayerfully seek to give you detailed answers that will show you how to find and keep your Lover. Right now, & Forever.
What can you find out? The Who, What, Where, and Why, also the specific Timing of what you are asking about. I use the Beautiful Tarot to see what your story is. The artsy images, symbols, numbers and colors, come together to create a vivid vision into your romantic future. Remember, your specific questions give me permission to go inside the situation and find out every hidden aspect of anything or anyone you wish to know about.
I am here, understanding why you need to know....whatever you may ask. I am just a call away....

'My lover is mine, and I am his. Nightly he strolls in his garden, Delighting in the flowers, until the dawn breathes its light and the night slips away.' Song of Solomon 2:16

Dreams, Soul Messages

....the guides who come to us in dreams, put on masks or costumes to adapted to our level of understanding. There is an old Greek saying that 'the gods love to travel in disguise.' Robert Moss

Each night, we enter the mysterious land of shadows. This archetypal darkness, is a landscape rich with the language of symbols. By decoding those silent and potent images, we discover Divine messages from the very deepest part of ourselves. Our Soul. To understand what our dreams are saying to us, is a fantastic Gift! Even the nightmares. They rarely mean what you think they mean. It is your Heart, your Soul, speaking to you, in the dark of night.
Listen. Recite your Dreams to me and let me give you the meaning of each strange, vivid detail. I will clarify the images that haunt you. Demystify and amaze you with the message & deeper meaning of your Dream. Your very own inner guidance system, in living color, and talk about surround sound...
Write them down, email them to me, let me translate them for you. I love hearing your reactions when I explain what your visions of the night are showing you. The fleeting images are sent to Guide you, Warn you, & Answer the questions you have ask during the light of day. This is the language of Dream Symbols, it speaks the same language as the Tarot (one of my favorite things!). Take notes in the night, then let me decode these Divine messages for you! The Answers you seek are already given to you, and may even repeat themselves, as a recurring dreams. No matter how strange it appears, it will make perfect sense to you when I tell you what it is saying...!

'Dreams that are not interpreted, are like letters which have not been opened.' Erich Fromm (1951)
Letters from your Soul!

What is the Tarot?

"A pictured pack of Cards is a wordless Book of Adventure. Of the kind, called Romances! It is far superior to any other books, of a similar kind. For it can be made and read at the same time. It offers a new story every time it's pages are shuffled....
Anatole France, the Queen Pedauque
This rich source of artistic imagery, gives me varied pictures, symbols, numbers & colors to ponder and playfully peer into & decipher the answers to your questions. I use the Tarot as a divine canvas, as each card turns over, the canvas is filled with life-like images showing me what you need to know. And why, and where, and when and with cool!!! I just love reading the cards for you!

The cards will not, nor will I, tell you what you should do in the situations you find yourself wrestling with. Instead, they playfully present the varied outcomes of each of your possible choices. And remind you that You, through the power of your choice, can direct, or redirect the outcome of your path through whatever challenges life may be putting in your path, today. Choices, choices...but hey...that's better than stuck in the corner...

So, get ready for delightful snippets of brand new little facts! Answers to any question you ask, vivid details & approximate timing. Some things are exact, and others, not determined. Wait, the answer will come. Sometimes the answer is, Wait.
The Tarot Cards lead us on a journey of Life's Lessons, revealing situations and details, challenges and victories just up ahead. They describe people and events we are yet to encounter, and subtle influences, or brick walls, you have working for you, or against you.

A pack of Artsy Archetypes, morphing into your story. So, lets see what your story really is, then redesign it to take you right to the front door of the life you have dreamed of....!