Sunday, May 22, 2011

Love in Holy Words

Song of Solomon 3
1-4 Restless in bed and sleepless through the night, I longed for my lover. I wanted him desperately. His absence was painful. So I got up, went out and roved the city, hunting through streets and down alleys. I wanted my lover in the worst way!
"Have you seen my dear lost love?" I asked. No sooner had I left, I found him, found my dear lost love. I threw my arms around him and held him tight, wouldn't let him go until I had him home again, safe at home beside the fire.

We all desire love. It began in a Garden, announced that it was not good for 'man' to be alone. A woman designed just for him, was presented to him. She was not created to be alone. Ever. We were part of each other, from the very beginning of Time. Intended to be together. Nothing else, will ever fill the void in our hearts, except our Beloved. And we all have questions....many questions.
With the facts that you already know, as a background to the answers I find within the Tarot, you can have a deeper understanding of what the truth is, reguarding Love and your Lover. So, ask.
Find out what is, their heart's desire. What is their deepest need, they cannot voice to you? What would 'it' be that they might be getting from someone else, or have gotten from someone else in the past, that has you at a disadvantage? If you knew the secrets they have locked deep inside, which Key would unlock their heart to you? We can find that precious Key!
Passion. Another name for Life. Without Love, we have no life. It is our destiny, our purpose. Do not be ashamed to seek it, we are meant to have it. I Prayerfully seek to give you detailed answers that will show you how to find and keep your Lover. Right now, & Forever.
What can you find out? The Who, What, Where, and Why, also the specific Timing of what you are asking about. I use the Beautiful Tarot to see what your story is. The artsy images, symbols, numbers and colors, come together to create a vivid vision into your romantic future. Remember, your specific questions give me permission to go inside the situation and find out every hidden aspect of anything or anyone you wish to know about.
I am here, understanding why you need to know....whatever you may ask. I am just a call away....

'My lover is mine, and I am his. Nightly he strolls in his garden, Delighting in the flowers, until the dawn breathes its light and the night slips away.' Song of Solomon 2:16

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