Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dreams, Soul Messages

....the guides who come to us in dreams, put on masks or costumes to adapted to our level of understanding. There is an old Greek saying that 'the gods love to travel in disguise.' Robert Moss

Each night, we enter the mysterious land of shadows. This archetypal darkness, is a landscape rich with the language of symbols. By decoding those silent and potent images, we discover Divine messages from the very deepest part of ourselves. Our Soul. To understand what our dreams are saying to us, is a fantastic Gift! Even the nightmares. They rarely mean what you think they mean. It is your Heart, your Soul, speaking to you, in the dark of night.
Listen. Recite your Dreams to me and let me give you the meaning of each strange, vivid detail. I will clarify the images that haunt you. Demystify and amaze you with the message & deeper meaning of your Dream. Your very own inner guidance system, in living color, and talk about surround sound...
Write them down, email them to me, let me translate them for you. I love hearing your reactions when I explain what your visions of the night are showing you. The fleeting images are sent to Guide you, Warn you, & Answer the questions you have ask during the light of day. This is the language of Dream Symbols, it speaks the same language as the Tarot (one of my favorite things!). Take notes in the night, then let me decode these Divine messages for you! The Answers you seek are already given to you, and may even repeat themselves, as a recurring dreams. No matter how strange it appears, it will make perfect sense to you when I tell you what it is saying...!

'Dreams that are not interpreted, are like letters which have not been opened.' Erich Fromm (1951)
Letters from your Soul!

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